Brilliant bear facts that will make you smile

How many different species of bear are there?

Eight bear species live on four continents in all climates

Fur double-layered

Most bears have two layers of fur to keep warm and wick away wetness.

Solitary animals

No bear species lives in packs like wolves. Bears prefer to be alone besides mothers and cubs.


Momma bears and cubs do spend time together, though. Grizzly cubs can spend three years with their mother.

Heavy sleepers

unlike hibernating bears who won't wake up till winter is finished. Some bears, especially male polar bears, don't hibernate.


The grizzly bear is readily recognizable. Their fluffy coats may look cuddly, but their fearsome teeth don't.

Gone fishin'

Grizzly bears have a field day capturing salmon in the summer as they swim upstream to spawn.


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