8 Calm Dog Breeds With All of the Chill

25 sep, 2020

With their majestic, flowing locks, friendly faces and super-calm demeanor, the AKC calls the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel a well-mannered companion. 

1) King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Can you even handle those eyes? Yes, their ears do hang low and you can probably tie them in a bow, because the Basset hound is often just that tolerant. 

2) Basset Hound

Originally bred to eliminate the Irish countryside of wolves, these gentle giants now spend their days lounging around like kings.

3) Irish Wolfhound

These adorable little alien-looking faces can often be found snoozing after a brief walk, because that's about all their short legs can handle.

4) French Bulldog

They're awesome family dogs who are equally happy to roll around with the kiddos as they are to find a sunny spot for a snooze.

5) Bernese Mountain Dogs

Loyal, affectionate and outgoing, Pekingese are said to have been bred by the Buddha himself.

6) Pekingese

While they do come in a super-size package, these super fuzzy friends don't get worked up easily, perfect to add some calm to your family.

7) Newfoundland


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