8 Calm Dog Breeds With All of the Chill

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1) King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel has flowing locks, welcoming looks, and a tranquil disposition, according to the AKC.

2) Basset Hound

They can be stubborn and so difficult to train, but they also enjoy cuddling up on the couch and lounging all day.

3) Irish Wolfhound

This gentle giant was intended to clear the Irish countryside of wolves, but they now spend their time lazing around like monarchs.

4) French Bulldog

These charming little alien-looking faces are frequently discovered snoozing after a quick walk, as their short legs can only tolerate so much.

5) Bernese Mountain Dogs

They're wonderful family dogs who are equally content to tumble about with the kids as they are to find a sunny spot to nap.

6) Pekingese

While we don't know if that's true, these tiny pups will be a lucky addition to your family. They can adjust to children, although they prefer houses without them.

7) Newfoundland

While they come in a super-sized bundle, these super-fuzzy pals don't get worked up quickly, making them ideal for bringing some peace to your family.

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