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Chef Christopher Kimball and his staff help you refine fundamental culinary methods. 

Milk Street Kitchen

Harvard University said this course will teach students 

World Literature Masterpieces

This Princeton University course spans 1300 CE from the height of the Silk Road through today's period of globalization.

Global HistoryLb

Knowing how to establish brand loyalty and attract new consumers is crucial in social media, communications, and marketing.

Facebook marketing

Udemy allows anybody to learn Photoshop for around $25, whether for social networking or framing. Your laptop needs the application.

Beginning Photoshop

This training is for those unfamiliar with SEO. You'll learn how to apply the "three pillars of great SEO" to optimize all site content.

SEO 101

Because of globalization, we deal with individuals who have different experiences and histories than ourselves, 

Intercultural Conflict Resolution

This course from the University of British Columbia will help learners better understand gender and sexuality and how they connect with cultural disparities.

Gender, Sexuality in Society


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