Chameleons can alter their skin color, but they have additional tricks.

25 sep, 2020

Most lizard toes can move independently. Evolution changed chameleon limbs.

1. Chameleon feet are salad tongs.

Some specialists doubt if the entire chameleon family developed in Madagascar, where 44% of the species are found 

2. Madagascar is home to half the chameleon species.

Madagascar biologists found the smallest chameleon in 2021

Chameleon sizes vary.

Chameleons don't conceal when they change skin color. This ability is utilized to control body temperature

Chameleons change color to communicate 

Scientists believed chameleons changed color by changing skin pigments. It's complicated

Chameleon skin crystals allow color changes.

Male panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis). Furcifer pardalis (panther chameleon) male.

 6. Chameleons can't regrow their tails.

7. They can move both eyes at once.
Each eye can move vertically 90° and horizontally 180°.


There are ways to enjoy a storm safely. Stay in an internal room away from doors and windows until the storm has passed. 

After a chameleon locks its eyes on its prey


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