Foods you believed were vegetarian but are really not.

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This fermented condiment has anchovies in it.

Worcestershire sauce

French onion soup, while it seems vegetarian, is generally cooked with beef broth.

French onion soup

Numerous fat-free options utilize gelatin, a substance obtained from different animal body parts, to preserve their texture.

Non-fat yogurt

Figs include a dead female wasp, making them non-vegetarian. It's part of pollinating fruit.


Marshmallows contain gelatin as well. For those hesitant to forgo s'mores, though, gelatin-free variations are available.


Some contain lard to make it more buttery, so be sure to ask your restaurant and check the package.


Many eateries cook veggie fries in animal fat. McDonald's has been sued over this. In other countries, the chain's fries are vegetarian.

French fries

Companies whiten sugar using burnt animal bones. There are numerous vegan firms. Google and find a reputable brand.

White sugar


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