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Fun Dog Holidays to Celebrate With Your Dog!

 Training your dog builds your bond and gives them critical skills to keep them safe and happy.

January is Dog Training Month.

April is a good month to walk your dog. Explore new regions, walk further, and enjoy the sun.

April's Active Dog Month

July is "National Dog House Repair Month," so check your dog's outside home soon.

July is Doghouse Repair Month.

September is "National Service Dog Month," a time to promote awareness and show appreciation for service dogs' tremendous work

September is Service Dog Month.

Millions of people, mostly children, are attacked by dogs every year in the US, where there are 85 million dogs. Most bites are prevented.

Weeklong dog events

Anxiety affects humans and pets. Because dogs can't tell us verbally whether they're anxious, we must observe their behavior.

May 1-7 is Dog Anxiety Awareness Week.

Celebrate our beloved family members who only ask for a smile and a treat.

May 1-7 is National Pet Week.

On January 29, we celebrate seeing-eye dogs. The day raises awareness and supports seeing-eye dogs and their owners.

January 29 is Seeing-Eye Dog Day.

Dentists discourage hard candy. It can harm teeth, causing cavities. Hard candy's sugar promotes cavities. 

Hard candy, toffee, and popcorn

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