A cockroach rushing at you is worse than one walking over a drain. This roach can move 50 body lengths per second, which is 210 mph. Try to beat them and you'll lose.

They're fast runners

It's 1.1 to 2 inches long. Adults can grow 2 inches. They moult 13 times before metamorphosis and live 700 days, the longest among roach species.

Most common species

If seeing these bugs on the ground doesn't scare you, imagine one soaring overhead. American cockroach nymphs don't have wings, but adults can fly.

cockroaches can fly

When they gather, they forage for food in the area. When one is located, signals are broadcast to alert the others, and everyone meets up for a feast.

Live in groups

Apart from human food, American cockroaches eat any organic substance. This includes dead insects, paper, cloth, soap, wood, glue, hair, and faecal waste.

Eat Anything

Once inside, these roaches can run at high speed even when flattened. The American cockroach can fit through two pennies. Roaches can tolerate 900 times their body weight in crevices.

Enter Small Spaces

Cockroaches prefer water. They can go a few weeks without it, but they prefer to be near a source. They are commonly seen around drains and sewers.

Found In Sewers 

Cockroaches have been around longer than humans, and our ancestors didn't even have bug spray. Recent research place their origins as far back as 359 million years.

Older Than Dinosaurs

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