The Bernese Mountain Canine is a fluffy, loyal dog breed. They were raised in Switzerland to herd cattle, pull carts, and guard territory.Their happy-go-lucky natures make them ideal family pets since they love cuddling.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Chow Chows have long, thick fur. Despite their huge coats, they shed very little. These teddy bears need to be brushed a few times a week to avoid tangling.

Chow Chow

The Samoyed isn't the biggest, but it's one of the fluffiest. This dog breed's snow-white coats require daily brushing throughout shedding season. The amount of fluff will amaze you; you may believe a second Samoyed has moved in. 


Newfoundlands are huge, fluffy dogs with lovely personalities. Bred to help fisherman and lumberjacks, they're strong swimmers and adventurers


The Eurasier is a 50-year-old German dog breed. The name 'Eurasier' was chosen to highlight the breed's European and Asian roots.Their large, easy-to-groom coat needs to be brushed once or twice a week to eliminate dead hair. 


Leonbergers are naughty large fluffy dogs. Long-coated, they shed heavily twice a year. You'll also need to brush their coats weekly. If you're up to the chore of brushing them, they're great with horses and cats. 


This enormous, shaggy love bundle is neither old nor English. He's a nice, eager family dog. If you brush the classic English sheepdog's long, lovely coat a few times a week, you'll have a lifelong friend.

Old English Sheepdog

Famed for his part in Beethoven, the St. Bernard is also known for rescuing wayward visitors in Europe's frigid Alps. Understanding, tolerant, and placid, these very enormous love bugs can weigh over 180 pounds and tower 30 inches tall. 

Saint Bernard

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