Beyond trust, honesty, and communication, there are other signs your relationship will last.

1. Wealthy People Set Goals

Assess your relationship if your partner just cares about themselves.


If your partner adopts all of your interests, you could be headed for divorce.

They're interested in everything

It's normal to experience lust at the beginning of a relationship, but if that's all you have for your spouse, it won't last.

Only passion.

Authenticity is key to a lasting relationship.

You're concealing yourself.

Watch how your companion handles others, especially waiters and cashiers.

They're rude

If your partner isn't talking with you as often as you'd want, it could be a warning indicator.

They communicate seldom

Long-term couples typically make adorable, endearing fun of each other.

They mock you

If you don't like your partner's friends, your relationship could suffer.

Their pals annoy you


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