Highlighter Stains

We have a trick for books with highlighter stains.Lemon juice diminishes highlighter. Lemon juice on a Q-tip will remove highlighter.

Stop mirror fogging

This hack prevents bathroom mirror fogging after a shower.Use vehicle wax and a soft towel to clean the mirror.

Remove Furniture Stickers

Stickers are everywhere on kids' furnishings. They may outgrow the stickers and seek to repurpose the furniture.Hair dryer to soften adhesive, putty knife to remove sticker

Prevent Laundry Wrinkles

Add ice cubes or a damp washcloth to your wrinkled garments. As ice melts, water turns to steam, removing wrinkles.

Remove paint off carpet

Alcohol denatured on a rag. Because alcohol can transfer color, use a rag that matches the carpet.

 DIY Drill Cover

Cut the bottom off a plastic cup and connect it to the drill when drilling into the ceiling to keep dust out of your eyes.

Beach Security

Try this trick to prevent beach theft. Keep your valuables in a diaper next to your towel. "Dirty" diapers are nasty.

Cool wine without diluting it

Frozen grapes will keep your wine chilled but not watery.


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