A flight attendant's main job is to keep everyone on board safe.

"I'll have my eggs over easy."

Even if your spouse laughs at your dad jokes, don't assume that everyone else will, especially if you use this line to greet flight attendants as you get on a plan

"When do you plan to quit?"

 When talking to a flight attendant, if you say something about someone's age, you will definitely not make any new friends.

"You don't look old enough to be an airline worker."

On the other end are people who are probably trying to be nice to their flight attendant.

"Where do y'all live?"

Even though you might be trying to be friendly, many flight attendants will see this question as a warning sign.

"Can you help me put my bag in the overhead compartment?"

Candace Johnson, who worked as a flight attendant for American 

"How long is the flight going to last?"

Most likely, you brought your phone or smartwatch on the plane with you, so now is a great time to use it.

"What city or state are we currently flying over?"

Your guess is just as likely as theirs. Jen says, "Most of the time, we don't know." "I take one day to fly from New York to Atlanta to San Francisco.


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