8 essential tips for first-time pet owners

Before getting a pet, stock up on essentials.

Your pet will have needs in its new forever home. To avoid problems on your pet's first day home, buy food, snacks, toys, and a litter box in advance.

Schedule a vet visit ASAP

Whether you adopted or bought your puppy or kitten, a vet visit is an essential.

Keep breakables out of reach

 Make sure your pet can't reach anything toxic or that could be damaged by teeth and claws.

Think about microchipping your pet

If you adopted your pet from a shelter, they're likely microchipped, which inserts an electronic chip in case they get lost. 

Think about microchipping your pet

Train your pet early on where to go to the potty, how to socialize with people, and what they can play with.

Hire a trainer

They're experienced with common problems like barking and itching and can eliminate them swiftly.

Read about your breed

Every dog and cat has different needs. Some, like English bulldogs, are prone to health problems, while Huskies need a high-energy home. 


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