Things you can do to avoid the heat 

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When temps rise, put on the AC and stay indoors. Air conditioner costs may make summer a nightmare.


What if there's no AC? Here are 23 methods to cool down without the AC.

How to keep your house cool

If you're overheated, throw away the rugs and use thinner curtains.

Summer clothes for your home

Spraying drapes with water creates a refreshing breeze through the window.

Spray the curtains a bit

Blinds may block the sun from windows. Custom blinds may block more sun.

Customized blinds

Above 80° makes it hard to sleep. Your hot water bottle is helpful year-round. Fill it with water or ice and place it beneath your bedding. You may sleep cooler.

Stay cool in bed

Cotton, linen, or silk bedding are breathable and allow air circulate as you sleep.

Cotton bed sheets

Open the windows early in the morning while the sun isn't up to produce chilly morning breezes. Remember, airing out the home only takes 10 minutes.

Let the early morning breeze flow through the house


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