Your partner is disrespected.

"You didn't do the dishes" is the first criticism. "You don't help around the house" can become a generic reproach.

You fight to be right.

In a relationship, you must sometimes admit "I was wrong." Bonnie Winston, a matchmaker and relationship consultan

You oppose children

You probably discussed kids before getting serious, but feelings can change. "Not agreeing on having kids will lead to animosity,

You're having the same argument again

 The Gottman Institute says recurring conflict can reflect lifestyle and personality differences. 

sex-related arguments

Without physical touch, you might cause rejection, uncertainty, resentment, rage, and rebellion

You argue over chores

A 2015 University of Alberta study found that couples who share tasks are happier and have more sex.

you argue over family

You can discuss each other's families, but be kind. "If you criticize your partner's family, be considerate of his feelings

Lifestyle choices cause arguments.

One partner loves to socialize. Other is an introvert homebody.

Money causes fights.

It's a delicate matter, so practically every marriage will quarrel about money. 


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