Labradors have been America's favorite dog for 31 years. Labrador retrievers are one of the most common dog breeds, so you undoubtedly see them everywhere.


Your wrinkly face and bat-like ears had us at "bonjour" Frenchies love their people, new people, and other animals.

French bulldog

The golden retriever's profile can say "hopelessly dedicated to you." Golden retrievers enjoy people of all ages and are compassionate.

Golden retriever

Intelligent, protective, athletic, versatile, and active describe German shepherds.

German shepherd

Poodles' popularity? Curly hair. Hair. Poodles' hair may reduce allergy symptoms in some people. Curlicues aren't maintenance-free.


We're talking about the "English" bulldog from the British Isles. Like other flat-faced dog breeds, they have a "sour mug" and hefty bodies. Bulldogs are laid-back.


Beagles were originally intended to hunt in groups, therefore they get along well with the other top dog breeds


At first look, these guard dog breeds don't seem friendly or loyal, but they are. They're aloof among strangers because they desire to protect their family.


German shorthaired pointer (GSP) is the most loyal trail running companion. 

German shorthaired pointer

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