9 of the Friendliest, Bravest, Most Loyal Dog Breeds for Seniors

Maltese may be little and unintimidating, but they're a delight to be around. 

1. Maltese

 Poodles are funny and good guard dogs. Their intelligence makes training them easy.

2. Poodle

Beagles are easily tamed. Their fun and easygoing temperament is well-known.

3. Beagle

Pomeranians bring joy to owners of all ages. Their facial expressions can fascinate us for hours. Pomeranians are little but protective of their masters.

4. Pomeranian

Australian Cattle Dogs are popular with seniors for their loyalty and playfulness, but they'll snap at anyone who seems dangerous.

5. Australian Cattle Dog

Schipperkes can discern friend from foe, therefore they won't pull on their leash to harm the mailman.

6. Schipperke

Vizslas are territorial but friendly with people. Dog owners say teaching them can be difficult because they're sometimes aggressive. 

7. Vizsla

Border Collies were bred to hunt. They can smell and see prey from far away. When strangers knock, these senses will help. 

8. Border Collie

Papillons have wing-like ears, but don't mistake their attractiveness for fragility.

9. Papillon


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