do you feel like your family doesn't bother about you ? 

 If your family crosses the line between what you consider acceptable and unacceptable, it's a negative indicator. 

They disregard your bounds.

There are several sorts of abusive conduct, and none of them are appropriate inside a family (or outside one, for that matter).

They are violent.

Perhaps you believe that your needs are not being addressed and that things are lopsided

They prioritize their own needs.

Simply inquiring about someone's life might indicate interest, but if even a basic "How are you?" is lacking, it's a red signal.

They are uninterested in your life.

Although it is not usually deliberate, it may cause major emotional scars in children. 

They disregard you.

Ignoring your desires and needs, particularly as a youngster, may have serious consequences in adulthood.

They don't fully understand your demands and requirements.

If you never hear from your family, it might be because you aren't close enough, or it could be a hint that they don't care about you.

They never phone or text.

If you're often left out of family functions, from holidays to birthdays, it's possible that these folks don't want to be with you.

You are not invited to family functions.

if your family members consistently fail to show up to your birthday parties, graduations, and other events, that's your clue.

They are not there throughout your crucial occasions.

If you are constantly chastised, no matter what you do, then whomever is doing this to you is not worth your time or affection.

They are quite critical of you.


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