Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Hair Permanently Straightened

Hair fall is natural, especially during the rainy season, however after straightening your hair, you'll find more hair on your pillowcase, comb, etc.


Chemicals used in these procedures can break hair connections, making hair weaker and thinner.

Thin & Weak Hair

Chemicals and heat can also damage hair. After a while, your hair may become brittle.


Straightening will lengthen yet thin your hair. You'll have poker-straight hair, which is tough to style.

Few styling options

Poker straight hair is attractive and easy to tame, but it's expensive. Losing volume makes hair look unnatural.

Lack Of Volume

The procedure's chemicals might dry out hair. For healthy hair, deep condition regularly.

Lack Of Moisture

People think that straightening their hair permanently will eliminate the need to care for their curly hair.

Extra Care

Your stylist may recommend hair products.

Specific Products

If the treatment doesn't work or the hairdresser makes a mistake, you can get scorched hair.

Mistakes can be disastrous

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