Unknowingly making others uncomfortable

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It's nice to stare people in the eye when conversing with friends or coworkers to indicate you're listening and engaged.

Eye-contact avoidance

If you're too frightened to look people in the eye, they won't want to be around you for long.

Indulging in bad habits

In public, it's polite to limit bodily functions and bad habits.

Invading privacy

If someone can feel or smell your breath, you're invading their personal space.

Being touchy-feely

Friendly doesn't imply you should touch everyone, especially at work.

Social cue misreading

If you laugh at a sad or emotional narrative or don't laugh at a joke, you'll make the other person uncomfortable or upset.

Wrong topic, wrong time

 Dinners with friends and staff gatherings aren't the place to talk politics or religion or tell inappropriate jokes.


If you dominate the conversation, you may be making friends and family uncomfortable.


Cursing is acceptable in some settings, but swearing at business, formal gatherings, or in front of youngsters will make others uncomfortable or upset.

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