A Guide To Your Pet's Diet In The Monsoon

As the rain starts to fall, the air starts to get cooler and more humid. We all like the change in weather because it gives us a break from the hot summer sun.

 However, pet owners need to be careful about their pet's diet because of the change in weather.

Before giving a package of food to your pet, you should always check to make sure it hasn't gone bad. One more thing to think about is getting smaller packages.

People who have pets usually buy 5–10 kg packages of food because feeding is a regular task and it saves time not having to re-order food.

Instead, we should buy food in 1–2 kg packages. This makes it easier to check and replace the food and also makes it easier to store.

Pet owners should always store food in containers that don't let air in. This will help keep moisture out and make the food last longer.

Also, it's important to remember that when we give our pets food, they don't always eat it right away. They may not eat it for hours.

Food that is left out without a cover can go bad in as little as 15 minutes. "Make an effort to feed your pet when it's actually hungry, or check the food .

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