The Akita is a Japanese dog breed revered for its steadfast devotion and reputation as a family protector. They become suspicious of strangers and uninterested in new pets once they've settled within a household. They can't take their gaze off of you.


A whippet's perfect afternoon is resting on a sofa with its favourite human and ignoring intruders. People love them. Training might be difficult because they're stubborn, but patience helps.


Friendly Vizslas need outdoor time. If you can do that, they'll love you and follow you wherever.


Pugs are little but strong and adaptable. They can flourish anywhere with a caring companion. Pugs can be feisty, but they're simply trying to get your attention.


Newfoundlands are terrific guard dogs and playmates. Their fluffy bodies and lovely demeanour explain why.


Maltese may seem superior, yet they love to clown around with their family. They make friends easily and follow their owners everywhere.


Labrador retrievers are happy-go-lucky, as long as they're with you. Labs are athletic and easygoing household pets. The tail-wagging welcome you'll get at the entrance is unbeatable.

Labrador Retriever

These dogs are great with kids and seniors. They adore hunting and chilling. Long, rust-colored Irish setters are very stunning. However, they enjoy attention.

Irish Setter

Collie is a loving breed. They have energy and love to give. Families like Collies for these reasons and their ability to learn and keep commands.


Like the Akita, the Chow Chow is friendly with its family but not strangers. They may seem distant at first. Old souls. Early cuddles will hook them.

Chow Chow

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