Female sea turtles travel hundreds or thousands of miles, but almost always return to the same beach to lay eggs. 

baby Sea Turtle

Typically, wolves travel at a rate of about 5 miles per hour, but when their survival is at stake, they are capable of sprinting at speeds of about 40 miles per hour.

Baby Wolf

Duck eggs take roughly 30 days to hatch. As a result, there are even cuter newborn creatures to admire. The ducks win, and you and I win too, right?

Baby Ducks

The average birth weight of an elephant is approximately 260 pounds Because elephants are so impressive, I'll provide a second piece of information. Elephant tusks are made up of teeth, just like narwhal tusks.

Baby Elephant

A mature hippo may consume more than 75 pounds of grass in a single feeding. Having a hippo as a pet would be more fun than mowing the lawn, but she'd need a somewhere to sleep.

Baby Hippo

A young rabbit is referred to as a kit. A female rabbit is referred to as a doe, whereas a male rabbit is referred to as a buck.

Baby Rabbit

The underlying cause of sloths' slowness is their low-calorie diet, which consists mostly of leaves. They proceed slowly because doing so allows them to conserve energy.

Baby Sloths

Dogs are born without teeth, but like me and you (and other animals), they grow baby teeth that are eventually replaced by adult teeth. By 6 months, dogs have the teeth they'll use for life.

Baby Puppies

Pigs, much like dogs, can be taught to recognise and respond to their owners when they are called. And in many instances, significantly earlier than dogs are capable of.

Baby Piglets

Goats On the Roof is an absolute must-visit if you ever find yourself in the north Georgia mountains because it is the only place in the area where you can take charming goat-themed selfies!

Baby Goats

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