When you are in a relationship, you constantly worry about infidelity. Or, even worse, you may fear that you may become a cheater!

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Numerous articles discuss the indicators of infidelity, the reasons why individuals decide to cheat, and whether or not forgiveness is warranted after cheating.

How should you brush?

However, a 2016 research examined cheating and adultery from a whole new perspective.

New York University's Adam L. Alter and the University of California's Hal E.

Hershfield performed six experiments in 2014 to evaluate adult behavior throughout the "9-end phases."

Food acidity

They counted 8,077,820 male Illicit Encounters users and compared that number to the 952,176 male Illicit Encounters users whose ages ended in nine

Food acidity

They discovered that there were 18 percent more 9-enders enrolled than expected based on a random sampling of the site's members' ages.

Smoking or chewing tobacco

Interestingly, the 9-enders expressed concern about aging and questioned the significance of their lives.

Hard candy, toffee, and popcorn


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