Galapagos penguins are one of the smallest temperate penguins at 21 inches tall and 5.5 pounds. These little maritime birds live on the Galapagos Islands and close Ecuador's coast.

Galapagos Penguin

Giraffes, the tallest mammals, live in sub-Saharan Africa. Long necks and muscular legs distinguish these huge creatures.Herbivores, they get 70% of their water from food.


Central American Geoffroy's tamarins live in tropical forests with big trees.Highly gregarious, they live in groups of 3 to 9 people. Omnivorous, they eat plants, fruits, and insects.

Geoffroy’s Tamarin

Gentoo penguins reside in subantarctic colonies. These 30" birds can weigh 12lbs. They can dive at 22 mph to find prey. They eat fish, squids, and other crustaceans.

Gentoo Penguin

This venomous lizard is the largest native U.S. lizard at 23.6 inches.Their poor eyesight makes them good hunters, however. It eats eggs, birds, frogs, and other tiny animals and reptiles.

Gila Monster

Golden lion tamarins are native to Brazil's Atlantic coastal woods and have a lion-like mane around their faces. These primates are rare and endangered.

Golden Lion Tamarin

Galahs are Australian cockatoos. Pink and grey colouring makes these birds easy to identify.They often travel in flocks of 1,000. They eat seeds, grains, nuts, berries, fruits, insects, etc.


Gophers live in North and Central America. They can reach 5 to 14 inches long. Burrowing animals that develop tunnel networks. They're herbivores who eat roots and tubers.


Galapagos fur seals are among the tiniest pinnipeds, measuring 4 to 5 feet. They're nocturnal hunters who can dive 10 to 30 metres. Fish, octopuses, and squids are their diet.

Galapagos Fur Seal

The grizzly bear is our next G-animal. These 10ft-tall, 1,200-lb beasts are massive. Bears may hibernate for 100 days without food or water.Grizzlies are brown bear subspecies.

Grizzly Bear

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The grey wolf is the world's largest wild dog, reaching 5.2 feet in length and 132 pounds in weight. Social creatures that travel and hunt in packs.

Gray Wolf