Ostriches are swift birds with long necks, long legs, a round belly and rump, and a speed of 60 mph. They're the largest and quickest landbirds. Somali and common ostriches exist. It's called ostrich.


Sulawesi parrots are native to Indonesian islands. While they prefer greenery, they often live in towns. Blueish-purple head with yellow stripes, orange beak, black-striped tangerine tint under neck, and green body.

Ornate Lorikeet

Golden-furred ocelots with black patches and stripes. 1.6 feet tall, 33 pounds. Ancient Peruvians worshipped these creatures. Ocelots are shown throughout period arts and crafts.


Orcas are called killer whales. Dolphins are apex predators at the top of the food chain, with no natural predators. Orcas live in every ocean with their 26-foot-long, black-and-white bodies.


Olive baboons are the most widespread baboon species, living in 25 African countries. Their grey fur has an orange hue. Anubis refers to the Egyptian god of the dead.

Olive Baboon

The orange-bellied parrot is one of three migratory parrot species.Their bellies are orange. Green with blue wings Zoos Victoria says they could disappear in five years.


Okapi is sometimes called zebra giraffe and forest giraffe. As you might have guessed, they're giraffes, but look different.  Zebra comes from the stripes on their legs.


Tiny orange-yellow birds favour Belize and the Yucat√°n Peninsula. They eat anything. Even hairy or spined caterpillars are fair game for orange orioles.

Orange Oriole

Orchard spiders have lengthy jaws. Their jaws are bigger than typical spiders.Petite bodies and lengthy legs enable them jump and collect insects. They're 0.3 inches long.

Orchard Spider

This fish-eating raptor is 24 inches long with 71-inch wings. Because they feed nearly solely fish, they have closable noses to keep water out when hunting.


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Those in the Amazon basin in South America are smart. In aquariums, they can identify their owner and perform tricks if trained. These little fish have teeth that don't damage humans beyond scraping.

Oscar Fish