Falco peregrinus means wandering falcon. These experienced migrators dive using 'the stoop' At this speed, they are one of the fastest birds and animals on the globe.

Peregrine Falcon

Pronghorns have feet and hooves. They're related to antelopes and goats but different species. North America's fastest land mammals can run 55 mph.


Pumas, often called cougars and mountain lions, are huge wild cats.They run 35 mph and sprint 50 mph. They're also good climbers and swimmers, albeit they avoid it.


Manul are grey Asian wildcats. Unlike other cats, which have pointed ears, this species has short, spherical ears. Their ears help Pallas' cats conceal from prey and predators.

Pallas’s Cat

The pine warbler, as the name suggests, is rarely seen apart from pine trees. They are generally olive green, with black and white wings and beaks. Male pine warblers trill when singing, which is unusual.

Pine Warbler

The painted lady is known as the cosmopolitan butterfly because of its widespread distribution. South America and Antarctica have none. They can migrate more than 100 miles per day at 30 mph.

Painted Lady

They're Filipino owls. They're the country's largest owl but the genus's smallest. These owls are at the top of the Philippine food chain, therefore they preserve the ecology.

Philippine Eagle-Owl

This Old World monkey's long nose goes past its mouth, therefore it's called long-nosed monkey. To see them, visit Borneo, an island in southeast Asia.

Proboscis Monkey

The European peacock butterfly is a P-animal. Their name comes from the peacock-like markings on their wings. If they suspect a predator, they act like a leaf.

Peacock Butterfly

Despite their name, only male purple emperor butterflies have purple wings. They have 3.3-inch wingspan. Since the 20th century, only southern England has these.

Purple Emperor

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The state bird of New Hampshire, the purple finch, was originally characterised as a "sparrow coated in raspberry juice." They have a pinkish hue and enjoy sunflower seeds.

Purple Finch