Thunderstorms make water unsafe, inside or out.

25 sep, 2020

If you're outside during a storm and near water, get away quickly. Second, avoid water indoors during a storm.

Thunderstorms make water unsafe, inside or out

Light can travel through electrical outlets' wires or bars.

go beyond water.

Avoid high places when waiting out a storm. 

Avoid high places and conductive objects.

This includes metal fences, powerlines, and other people.

Electricity-conducting objects 

When the sky darkens and the rain begins, it may seem preferable to seek refuge anywhere dry.

Different terrains require different sheltering strategies.

Whether from lightning or a falling object, the building may not be sound and could injure someone seeking safety underneath.

Avoid using cliffs

A form of shelter that's neither indoor nor outdoor can play a large role in a person's protection during a storm.

Partial shelters aren't indoors.

Lightning strikes the area's tallest object. Including telephone poles, trees, and statuary.


There are ways to enjoy a storm safely. Stay in an internal room away from doors and windows until the storm has passed. 

Enjoy Thunderstorms Safely


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