This confident dog doesn't care if she looks like an ottoman. She wants to establish power and disregards reprimands. Once respected, this breed is trustworthy and well-mannered.


These terriers are quick and full of life, and they always do what they want rather than what you want them to. They make wonderful family pets and also thrive when given plenty of time to themselves.

Jack Russell Terrier

These attractive, athletic dogs have busy dispositions. They like to get filthy and explore. They're unafraid to separate from the crowd and can be daring. Remember anyone?

Rhodesian Ridgeback

This fox-like Japanese breed is calm, alert, and easygoing. They make terrific companions, yet they're happiest just laying on the grass and thinking.

Shiba Inu

These males are aloof and reticent with strangers, but affectionate with friends. Recognized? He won't curl up on your lap, but he'll be your shadow.

Tibetan Terrier

Lion? No, it's a chow chow, but its distant, pensive personality is more feline. Chow chows are bright, yet their apathetic personalities make them seem aloof. These fluffy giants prefer being with you.

Chow Chow

Beagles are lively and playful, always seeking adventure. Without constant attention and activity, they'll get into trouble. They're pleasant and love socialising.


Have a peek at their happy expressions: You can always count on a corgi to be the most enthusiastic participant in any activity. Their playfulness sometimes gets in the way of their ability to get anything done.


Loyal breeds are rare. They strive to serve a purpose and keep everyone secure, which causes them to overprotect their families. If you're like this, a German shepherd may be the perfect friend.

German Shepherd

Aussies were initially bred to herd sheep, so they are workaholics that would do anything asked of them. Helping others is their driving motivation, which you undoubtedly share if you're reading this.

Australian Shepherd

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