The golden retriever is a popular breed in the US because it's affectionate, calm, fun-loving, and smart. As a pet, they're popular. Goldens like playing with kids, but their energy can overwhelm smaller ones.

Golden Retriever

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel's sweet and tranquil demeanour has attracted them to dog lovers since the 17th century. They were cherished by royalty and nobility for curling up in their laps.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Pomeranians are loyal, bold, and affectionate, making them cuddly. Small dogs travelled in packs and cuddled to stay warm. They'll paw at you for cuddles, tickles, or neck scratching.


Staffordshire bull terriers and American pit bull terriers have unjust reputations as fighting dogs. In the appropriate home, they're cuddly family pets. Staffies are affectionate, loyal dogs.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The calm, polite, and loving Newfoundland is a gorgeous large breed. They're dubbed "nanny" dogs since they're faithful to their family, especially children. Not all Newfies like hugs, though.


Greyhounds are the world's quickest breed, but they're often large, goofy couch potatoes. This sensitive breed constantly seeks out cuddles from their owners. Bony limbs will poke you as they climb you.


Chihuahuas are little dogs with enormous personalities. Sassy personality wins over many dog lovers. They form close ties with their owners and love a lap cuddle after a long day.


Pugs have personality, energy, and even tempers. As a family pet, they get along nicely with kids and other animals. Most pugs will cuddle on your lap or next to you, often caressing you with a paw.


The bichon frise's cotton-ball look is lovely. Despite their beautiful appearance, this multifaceted dog is full of vim and vigour and needs an active home. They're good with kids and enjoy to play.

Bichon Frise

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