They're bred for long, vigorous agricultural days, so they have lots of energy for a run. High-drive dogs don't enjoy jogs. They're great for lengthy runs or speedwork.

Herders and Heelers

Pointers can run 15+ miles in one stretch, including weimaraners, German shorthaired pointers, and vizslas. Yes, they should be conditioned for such great distances.


Labrador retrievers are great hiking companions. Gun dogs use the energy they used for hunting to sprint short distances as pets. Five to seven miles before exhaustion.


Mushing breeds like Siberian huskies, samoyeds, and malamutes make excellent running partners. It takes patience and regular training to develop one of these breeds into a sled dog or runner.

Sled Dogs

Small Jack Russell terriers are fast runners. Jack Russell terriers have limitless amounts of energy and the muscle to run for miles. They're great for 5-10-mile runs.


Lean and muscular greyhounds can run 45 mph for seven miles.Remember that greyhounds are sprinters while Rhodesian ridgebacks are distance runners and former can overheat.


Springer and cocker spaniels aren't the first breeds that come to mind as running companions, but they're fast, nimble, and adore the outdoors. A casual run provides physical and mental stimulation.


Most dogs of this size, especially those with strong athletic abilities, decent obedience, and a high level of agility and endurance, make excellent running partners.


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