Chihuahuas are petite with big personalities and trainable. Chis develop attached to their people and don't like being left alone, but it's simple to overlook their clinginess when you discover how fun they are.


Yorkies are one of the most popular toy dog breeds because they are both friendly and playful. They aren't necessarily kid-friendly, so keep that in mind if you have tiny ones.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Pug's wrinkles, snorts, and curly tail are irresistible, as are its sweetness and playfulness. Pugs are a wonderful toy breed for families with children and other pets, despite their lack of trainability.


If you're excellent with a brush, consider the Maltese, a toy dog with a long, silky coat. Maltese are smart lap dogs who appreciate a nap as much as a walk around the block.


Affenpinschers have tremendous personalities despite their little size. Although they're not kid-friendly, they're laid-back canines who perform well in apartments and love to play with their owners.


Italian Greyhounds are smaller than regular Greyhounds but have the same lightning-fast speed and affectionate nature. Plus, they're kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and always up for some playtime.

Italian Greyhound

The longevity of the Havanese breed is evidence of their capacity to endear themselves to humans. They are intelligent, well-mannered, and affectionate, and can be trained to make excellent therapy dogs.


The intelligent and stubborn Min Pin is renowned as the "King of Toys." Min Pins are friendly and high-energy, but their barking may not be ideal for apartment dwellers.

Miniature Pinscher

Small, smart, and gregarious, Papillons are lively toy breeds who adore exploring with their owners. In dog sports? This breed is easy to train, making it popular in agility and obedience.


Griffs are smart and hardy, and they're known as natural entertainers. They have a lot of personality, human-like characteristics, and a sensitive, self-important nature in the cutest way possible.

Brussels Griffon

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Silky Terriers may appear like Yorkies, but they are a unique breed with exceptional intelligence and compassion. And while they're not lap dogs, they enjoy to mingle and play.

Silky Terrier