These dog breeds are characterised by their strong necks, large heads, and powerful bodies. It is covered in dense hair and has ears that are shaped like a triangle.

Anatolian Shepherd

These Dog Breeds are taller and slimmer with a long, narrow, refined head, silky topknot, and powerful jaws. It also has a silky coat and curled tail.

Australian Shepherd

These dogs have a longer tail, eyes that are of a medium size, and a coat that is resistant to the elements. Australian Dogs are strong, well-balanced, and rugged.

Australian Cattle

These are dog breeds that are typically linked with terriers. These dog breeds are devoted to their families. These dog breeds are energetic, inquisitive, and obstinate.


These dogs are a cross between cockers and affens. The affens like to spend their time indoors. It is not difficult to train an Affen Spaniel dog because of its intelligence, affection, and low maintenance needs.

Affen Spaniel

These dog breeds can be found living in the wild as well as in zoos. These dog breeds work cooperatively with one another for hunting.

African Wild Dog

These dog breeds are devoted, watchful, and quick to respond. They have a requirement for regular exercise and enjoy playing hunting games.


These dog breeds need to get healthy, thus they need to exercise every day. These dog breeds are alert, friendly, and courageous, and they are primarily utilised by law enforcement.

Airedale Terrier

These dog breeds are known for being good watch dogs and are friendly with children. They need daily activity to stay healthy.

Afghan Hound

These dog breeds come in a variety of colours, and they are both fierce and friendly. They are used for sledding and for hauling heavy weights.

Alaskan Malamute

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