Among cats, the Siberian tiger is the second-largest species. The maximum weight for a male Siberian tiger is 320 kg (700 lb).


Bengal and Siberian tigers are similar. The Bengal tiger is smaller and oranger. Since 2008, they're endangered. Bengal tigers reside in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Bengal Tiger

The Lion is Africa's largest and most successful predator.Lions once roamed Europe and Asia, but only a small population remains in India, and the European lions are extinct.


The Jaguar is the largest cat in South and Central America. They can weigh between 56-96 kg, and some individuals have reached 158 kg.


The African Leopard is one of Africa's Big Five and has spotted fur. Leopards live in Africa, Asia, India, and China.Leopards are powerful and good climbers.


Snow leopards aren't subspecies of Leopards. Panthera uncia. Snow leopards live in Siberia and the Himalayas. Snow leopards are the sixth-largest big cats, weighing 22 to 55 kg.

Snow leopard 

Cheetahs are land's fastest animal. It's the seventh-largest big cat species, weighing 21 to 72 kg. Cheetahs live in Africa and Iran. Big cats once roamed India.


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