We all have unique friends. Others prefer adventure and chaos.

There are also joyful, fun-loving pals.

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Their zodiac signs may be to blame. Various zodiac signs have attributes of being fun and happy most of the time.

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Here’s having a look at the most fun zodiac signs established by astrologers:

Geminis love to socialize. They have childlike curiosity and are always ready to have fun with others.


If you want a partner/friend who's always up for bungee jumping or exciting trips/sports, search for a Sagittarian. 


Friendly and energetic, Leos. They are friendly and gregarious. Out of their comfort zone, they have fun to cheer up their buddies.


This zodiac sign will go far to please loved ones. Scorpions accomplish everything with fervor.


Ariens are recognized for their lighthearted nature, even in severe times. Outgoing, too.



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