American Staffordshire terriers are huge medium-size dogs, with females being smaller than males. Their powerful frames and broad heads make them look even bigger. 

American Staffordshire

The Australian cattle dog is a medium-sized, energetic, intelligent breed. This athletic canine is hardworking. Curious, alert, and devoted, the breed needs daily mental stimulation.

Australian Cattle Dog

Medium-size, intelligent, high-energy Australian shepherds. This herding breed is agile and athletic, making it good for flying disc and agility. Aussies are loyal and friendly, making them wonderful pets.

Australian Shepherd

The basset hound is a calm, distinctive dog. Despite their low build and short legs, these canines are medium-sized. Bassets are prone to ear infections and skin disorders, so keep their ears and fur clean.

Basset Hound

The happy-go-lucky beagle is a popular moderately energetic, friendly, and gentle canine. Small-medium beagles. They're small enough to fit in small locations but durable enough for intense play or a lengthy hike.


Bearded collies are smart and friendly. The 50-pound dog is smaller than it looks. Its fluffy coat makes it look huge, but it's lean and agile. Regular brushing will reduce tangles and prevent matting on this breed's coat.

Bearded Collie

Border collies are smart and high-energy. This active medium-size dog loves to work. Boredom and harmful conduct are prevented by mental and physical challenges.

Border Collie

Boykin spaniel is a cheerful, alert bird dog and easygoing home companion. This small dog is perfect for hunting or cuddling on the couch. Boykins love water and are good swimmers.

Boykin Spaniel

Bull terriers are lovable goofballs. These short, heavy dogs have substantial bones and muscles, making them medium-sized. They're amusing with their energy and clownishness. 

Bull Terrier

The cocker spaniel is small for a medium-sized dog, therefore it's suitable for compact spaces. These joyful, playful canines need modest exercise. Long-haired cockers need daily combing. Also, watch out for infected ears.

Cocker Spaniel

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