Do you want your partner to talk...or listen? Good communication is two-way. If inadequate communication is limiting your marriage's potential, be honest about your needs. Women who complain their husbands won't talk want them to listen. Not ear-to-ear, but heart-to-heart listening.

Be truthful about your desires

Share anything in a safe environment. When you can't get your partner to talk, a therapist can help. Silence is sometimes an indication of worry. Don't use your spouse's remarks against them. You pledge to love, defend, and cherish. How did you imagine you'd live your vows if not via communicating? Be your spouse's rock. 

Create safety

Men and women are different. We're wasting vital information if we don't learn from the differences. Men and women have different communication demands and styles. Men seek respect, women empathy. They have different communication techniques. Eye contact may come naturally to wives.

Accept your differences

Not waiting is part of listening. Learning mission.  You're looking for ways to better know and love your partner.You won't observe or hear information nuances if you wait for your partner to stop talking to speak.Whisper. Be kind. Just listen. Do not override, pounce, or fill silence spaces.Even reassurances can impede your spouse's flow and trust in the conversation.

Listen attentively

"Are you OK?" will likely garner you a "Yep" in answer. The question "How did you feel listening to the Clarks talk about their retreat?" is a great way to kick off a meaningful conversation.If you want to learn just how much information your partner is willing to share with you, the best way to do it is to ask them open-ended questions.

Ask open-ended inquiries

When you are both feeling exhausted, this is not the time to bring up difficult subjects. When both parties make an effort to communicate well, the process is more likely to be fruitful. Take into account one another's needs and preferences while determining when to communicate.

Timing matters

"He should know" or "She can figure it out" sets up your connection for failure, especially when expectations are connected. It's unfair to expect someone to fulfil your needs without communicating them. Your partner won't understand you, and you'll both be resentful. Don't make assumptions is The Four Agreements' most transformative rule.Mind-reading is assumed.

Don't play mind reader

This tip combines "you teach people how to treat you" and the Golden Rule.Imitate your spouse's actions. Do the right thing first.Longer. Emphasize safety. Spouse love language.  Expect solely of yourself and trust your partner to reciprocate. How to get your partner to communicate with you depends on you.You control only yourself.

Be the partner you want

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