The addax has gorgeous, twisting horns on both sexes. These white antelopes have broad, flat hooves to avoid sinking in sand. The addax is one of the most endangered mammals.


Adelie penguins are one of the creatures that start with A. Adelie penguins are feisty and known to take on possible predators like huge seabirds or seals.

Adelie Penguin

African bush elephants are the largest terrestrial mammals in the world, measuring 13 feet tall and 24 feet long. Their 7-foot trunk can drink 270.5 ounces.

African Bush Elephant

African penguins can dive for 2.5 minutes and swim 12 mph.A patch of bare skin above each eye helps them deal with extreme temperatures by enabling blood to flow there and cool them down.

African Penguin

Social African wild canines help ill or weak pack members. They hunt together, but puppies get fed first. African wild dogs are quick, reaching 44 mph.

African Wild Dog

The Albatross has the greatest wingspan of any living bird at 12 feet. Also, albatrosses can spend a year at sea without landing. They may feed briefly, but sharks may eat them.


Giant tortoises from Seychelles are among the longest-living animals, if not the longest. They may live more than 200 years, but no one knows for sure.

Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Alligators are another old A-starting animal. Scientists have unearthed alligator DNA from the Jurassic period. Only American and Chinese species exist.


Alpacas, related to llamas, are social and curious A-animals. They're native to South America's Andes and live up to 2,98 miles high. Curiously, alpacas can be blue-black or white.


Amur leopards are the rarest big cats in the world, with only 100 remaining. They live on the Russian-Chinese border and are protected in Russia. The Amur leopards' spots are like human fingerprints.

Amur Leopard

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Anteaters in the southern hemisphere have no teeth. They eat by licking and swallowing 35,000 ants a day with their 2-foot tongue. These animals have the longest tongues on earth.