Servals are large, spotted African cats that have a mostly golden coat and many black patterns. They feed on other creatures, including insects, lizards, birds, frogs, and reptiles.


Springboks are reddish-brown antelopes from Africa. They eat shrubs, grass, succulents, etc., and can live for years without water. They're swift among land animals.


Snow leopards are rare creatures native to Asia. These lovely leopards have whitish-gray fur with black markings.They adapt well to mountainous terrain and are efficient hunters.

Snow Leopard

Somali ostriches are flightless African birds. These ostriches have bluish necks and thighs instead of pink, therefore they're called blue-necked. Omnivores and the fastest land birds.

Somali Ostrich

Although named tigers, these extinct species are not closely related to the tiger or any extant wild cat. They were found in the Americas and distinguished themselves with two enormous upper canines.

Saber-Toothed Tiger

Sun bears are the world's smallest bears, standing 28 inches tall. To harvest honey from bee nests, they employ 10-inch tongues. Sun bears are endangered in Southeast Asia's tropical jungle.

Sun Bear

African sable antelopes inhabit forested savannas. They have dark manes, long faces, and backward-curved horn rings. Its reddish-brown coat varies as it ages.

Sable Antelope

These deadly predators are also the planet's largest reptiles. They are fiercely territorial, fiercely aggressive, and physically formidable creatures with strong jaws and teeth.

Saltwater Crocodile

Sperm whales are among the largest marine creatures and can reach 50 feet. Conical teeth help them catch squids, fish, and sharks. They have the world's largest brain.

Sperm Whale

Steenboks are small, slender antelopes with a short, unnoticeable tail. Their coats are golden-brown or orange. Females lack males' straight horns.


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Speckled woods are Palearctic butterflies. Brownish with cream and chocolate-colored wings. These butterflies love woods with sunspots, where they can conceal.

Speckled Wood