Ural owls are native to Asia and Europe. They have broad, round heads with a forehead indentation. Grayish-brown bodies with large wedge-shaped tails.

Ural Owl

Ulysses butterflies live in Australia, Indonesia, and neighbouring areas. Their vivid blue, black-edged wings are remarkable. Queensland's tourist logo features these butterflies.

Ulysses Swallowtail

They are small, slender lizards native to North Africa. Their bodies are often a beige or orange tint, and they have a few lighter patches on them.

Uromastyx Geyri

Uinta ground squirrels are U.S. natives. 11 to 12 inches long, brownish with grey portions. These ground-dwelling rodents eat leaves, grass, and seeds, and sometimes earthworms.

Uinta Ground Squirrel

South American Urutu is a very venomous pit viper. These snakes have a range of base colours, including brown, grey, and tan, with designs in dark brown or black with white or cream borders.

Urutu Snake

Upland sandpipers are 12 inches long. Black and brown marbled pattern on wings, back, and throat; white belly. It eats largely insects, but sometimes seeds and grains.

Upland Sandpiper

Upland geese are native to South America, where they live near water sources. Magellan geese are frequently found in flocks. They're herbivores, eating leaves, stems, and seeds.

Upland Goose

Upland buzzards are native to Asia. This is the world's largest buzzard species.They're 22 to 28 inches long and have a 4-foot wing span. Skilled hunters, their diet consists of smaller mammals.

Upland Buzzard

Unicolored jays, native to North America, forage in flocks. Deep blue plumage, black eyes and beaks are indicative of their moniker. Seeds, fruits, berries, insects, reptiles, etc.

Unicolored Jay

Ugandan kob, an East African antelope. These medium-sized creatures are reddish-brown with white underparts. These animals are Uganda's coat of arms.

Ugandan Kob

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Upland pipits inhabit Afghanistan, India, China, Nepal, and Pakistan. Brown with dark streaks and paler underparts. In foothills and mountains.

Upland Pipit