These tiny, colourful frogs are native to Central and South America's tropical rainforests. Some poison dart frogs have enough poison to kill ten adult males.

Poison Dart Frog

The cassowary is native to New Guinea, adjacent islands, and northeastern Australia. The world's most dangerous bird. Cassowaries are violent, unpredictable creatures with bone-breaking kicks and sharp claws.


Wolverine is related to weasels, badgers, otters, and martens, but looks like a little bear. This little carnivore may wreak a lot of damage. Long, sharp front teeth and 90-degree back teeth make ripping flesh easier.


Africanized Honey Bees are honey bee-African bee hybrids. This insect's sting is similar to that of a honey bee, but what makes it dangerous is its unique fury and ferocity. The killer bee moniker is well-deserved.

Africanized Bee

Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans. They can be taught tricks, but they're still wild animals and can be deadly. Chimps are 5-times stronger than humans and have mauled several people.


Despite looking ungainly, the hippo is Africa's most lethal land animal. This large semi-aquatic animal is aggressive and territorial, and its keen fangs and agility in and out of water make it a frightening creature.


The hantavirus is carried by mice and can be transmitted to humans through inhalation of oxidised mouse faeces. If left untreated, this lung illness can be fatal.


The fire salamander is black and yellow and long-lived, but it's poisonous. When threatened, it can spray central nervous system-attacking neurotoxins.

Fire Salamander

The world's largest living bird can reach speeds of 72.5 km/h and, if confronted, can kill lions and other large predators. People usually provoke ostrich attacks on humans.


Polar bears are the largest land carnivores and must be treated with caution. Polar bears are protective of their offspring and attack when threatened. One paw swipe can kill a human.

Polar Bear

The world's second-largest rodent, the beaver builds dams. This species is quite deadly to humans. A beaver bit and killed a Belarusian fisherman.


African buffalo weigh up to 1 tonne and have huge, curved horns. Buffalo are known for looping back on their pursuers and counterattacking.

African Buffalo

If you watch nature shows, it's no surprise that leopard seals may be hostile. However, they have been known to deliberately hunt humans. Although rare, there are stories of it happening.

Leopard Seal

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