Do dogs like blankets?

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It's easier said than done to brush and floss twice a day. Still brushing and flossing? Good! If not, here's how to start over:

If your dog has ever curled up with a blanket 

 they most likely appreciate having a quilt or throw about. However, according to Dr. McCullough, not all dogs like blankets.

How should you brush?

"Some dogs like to sleep on or beneath blankets, but it's primarily a question of choice," she explains.

How should you brush?

Cats are busy, sociable animals that need a lot of mental and physical activity in order to have a happy life.

What kind of toothbrush should you use?

Regular play, whether alone, with other cats, or with you, might be the difference between a bored, destructive kitten and a confident, satisfied kitty.

Tobacco use

Cat toys range from tiny, lightweight devices that may be tossed, batted, and pounced on to scratchers that allow for vigorous scratching. 

Food acidity

We evaluated everything from electrical and laser games to plush toys, play tunnels, teasers, and food puzzles for our guide to the finest cat toys.

Food acidity

We contacted cat behaviorists and a veterinarian along the process to discover how cats play and which toys are most suited to their inclinations.

Smoking or chewing tobacco


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