Do Dogs remember siblings and parents?

Joe Nutkins, an expert on training dogs, says that dogs can still recognise their siblings even if they haven't seen them in years. 

This, however, depends on a number of things, such as how long they were together as puppies and how long it's been since they left the nest.

Canine Cottages did a study that The Mirror wrote about. It found that dogs will only recognise their siblings if they were allowed to stay together for at least 16 weeks when they were puppies. 

Even though it may seem like dogs don't care much about being away from their family, they still have a very strong bond with each other.

Nutkins told the Mirror, "[Littermates] become very close in the first couple of weeks, and it takes a lot to break that bond."

He also said, "When a family has two puppies from the same litter, they can do everything with them separately.

but the puppies will still go to each other whenever they can. This is because they have been close since birth."

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