Doing Nothing Is Good for Your Mental Health.

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When I finally stopped working for good about 10 years ago, the idea of doing nothing was terrifying and intolerable; it was something I would do anything to avoid.

As a woman with a job, I had worked hard my whole life. Back in the day, I had to work hard or sneak in through the back door to reach my goals.

But 10 years after I retired, I found myself talking about how great it is to do nothing or almost nothing—at least a little bit every day.

Some of us don't want to go through something so painfully uncomfortable or can't handle it and become paralyzed or unable to move.

Why Doing Nothing Makes Us So Anxious?

Because it goes against the way we've lived for so many decades, which is full of jobs big and small and the responsibilities that come with being a good citizen.

What to Do to Push Past Anxiety?

Remind yourself that you can stop (or resume) normal activity at any time—but wait a few minutes to see whether the discomfort fades.

Breathe carefully to ease any anxiousness. Slowly exhale, then inhale as deeply as you can. Continue for 1 minute. Mindful breathing helps all anxiety symptoms.


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