Dreaming spiders? New research suggests so.

25 sep, 2020

If you're outside during a storm and near water, get away quickly. Second, avoid water indoors during a storm.

Minden Pictures/Stephen Dalton Evarcha arcuata on flowers. 

Light can travel through electrical outlets' wires or bars.

These arachnids may have visual dreams or nightmares.

This includes metal fences, powerlines, and other people.

 Jumping spiders the size of her pinky fingernail retired to silken "retreats" at night. 

When the sky darkens and the rain begins, it may seem preferable to seek refuge anywhere dry.

She found others hanging upside-down from a single strand of silk with curled legs.

Whether from lightning or a falling object, the building may not be sound and could injure someone seeking safety underneath.

Confirming it in jumping spiders could change our understanding 

Avoid high places when waiting out a storm. 

a University of Cincinnati professor who studies spider vision and decision-making who wasn't involved in the study

You can't perform a brain scan on a spider or inquire how it slept, but you can peek into newborn spiders' minds


There are ways to enjoy a storm safely. Stay in an internal room away from doors and windows until the storm has passed. 

Six smaller eyes provide a 360-degree, monochromatic


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