English bulldogs are also good-natured lugs. They're lovely, docile, and kind. Bulldogs are loyal, dependable, and "people-oriented," according to Hill's. Plus, they're cute and great for napping.


Labs are America's favourite dog, and it's clear why. Smart, even-tempered, trainable, and ready to please. They make terrific field or house companions and will do anything for their favourite people, especially with food.

Labrador Retrievers

The AKC calls these funny-faced dogs "loyal, alert, and inquiring." Small dogs with big personalities. These hyperactive pups love their humans and will follow them everywhere they're invited.

Brussels Griffon

In the appropriate setting, these pups can monopolise the bed or think they're lap dogs despite weighing up to 80 pounds. They're people-oriented, eager to please, and hard to wake up.


These gentle giants are peaceful and friendly. J.M. Barrie modelled Peter Pan's Newfoundland nursemaid on his own family's experience with the breed.


KC Cavalier Spaniels are attractive dogs that have been companions since King Charles' reign. As spaniels, they can hunt, but they also love playing with kids and napping with granny.

Charles Spaniels

Despite their diminutive size, these pups have big personalities and believe they're in charge. These lively pups are great for folks who don't mind a little attitude.


These white fluff balls make great companions, whether you want an active dog or someone to share your pillow. AKC calls them "irresistible canine comedians" searching for a comfortable lap.

Bichon Frisé

Pugs are incredibly friendly and love everyone. Outgoing little goofballs, they're busy at the dog park, home, and everywhere in between. They have happy faces.


Lassie. Collies are bright, compassionate, loyal, and sometimes stubborn, like when Timmy is caught in a well and requires help. Collies are suitable for "outdoorsy people with a family"


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Goldens are silly, loving, and joyful, making them great family dogs. These amiable lugs are patient with youngsters and other pets and eager to nap with their family.

Golden Retrievers