No other workout partner measures up to the "friendly, brave, and obedient" temperament described by the American Kennel Club. They thrive while walking in step with their leader.


Frasier's Eddie could go far? this athletic, energetic breed is "quick enough to run with horses" As natural hunters, chasing animals across the park will come naturally.

Jack Russell Terriers

Playful, up-for-anything attitudes make America's most popular dog a natural workout buddy. The Lab is an eager athlete who needs lots of exercise, like swimming and marathon fetch games.  After cooling down, they can speed up or slow down as needed.

Labrador Or Golden Retrievers

If you like brief sprints and rapid walking, you're in luck. These lively, quick dogs need regular exercise. Cuteness helps.


These huskier-than-huskies were bred to pull snow sleds. In a frigid environment among hiking trails or open spaces, there's no greater companion.


The Obamas' dog breed loves swimming and running through marshes, sandy beaches, and rain. He'll join your triathlon training. Activate more! Who's this?

Portuguese Water Dogs

They're smart, quick, and agile. With Aussies, it's always go time, whether you're dodging roots or traffic. Plus, they're a great family pet because they were trained to herd small, fast-moving animals including kids.

Australian Shepherds

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