Dog faces can be incredibly cute — here’s how and why

If you're a marathon runner, on the other hand, it might take you a while to get going, but you'll keep going for a long time. 

So marathon runners probably have a lot of slow-twitch fibers in their legs. These start moving more slowly, but they don't get tired as quickly.

So, a dog with mostly fast-twitch fibers can make facial expressions quickly. (Humans can also make faces quickly.) 

Because of these fibers, they are also good at barking, which is a fast movement of the lips.

On the other hand, wolves have muscles that work well for long movements, like howling. "They sort of make their mouths into funnels, and they hold that shape for maybe 30 seconds."

that one possibility is that when people first started taming wolves, which eventually turned into what we now call "dogs

"they chose this animal that barked instead of howled." About 40,000 years ago, people started hanging out with dogs that were good at making alarm calls, like barking 

when a stranger was outside. It just so happened that the dogs who had more fast-twitch fibers than slow-twitch fibers could also make the cutest faces.


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