Labs make great family pets. Smart, obedient, and adaptable, they make good therapy dogs. Labs aren't good housepets. These dogs need mental and physical activity outdoors. Expect to vacuum up loads of hair on family outings. Labs are also good with other dogs.

Labrador Retriever

Newfoundlands are huge, easygoing dogs. Relaxed and rarely barking. Newfies are affable but protective, so they'll greet new people but put your family first. Expect drool and shedding. Brushing reduces fur.


Beagles get along nicely with cats if you have multiple pets. As pack hunters, they enjoy company. They're playful hounds who appreciate a task, like playing fetch with kids. Your beagle will love anything interactive.


Boxers are enthusiastic watchdogs who adore youngsters and outings. Their short, glossy coat is low-maintenance. Their energy is abundant, therefore training orders early and often is best. Boxer owners should get used to hearing "Get down." These dogs adore the action, which can be overpowering for small children.


The Border Collie is one of the sharpest canine breeds and quickly learns commands. Medium-sized and family-friendly. As long as they receive a decent mental and physical workout during the day, they'll be ready to cuddle at night.

Border Collie

Meet one of the smartest, sweetest, friendliest dogs you'll ever meet. The Irish Setter has a long, lustrous, rust-colored coat and exudes affection. They love to play but don't overdo it and appreciate quiet afternoons. Irish Setters' coats need weekly grooming.

Irish Setter

Golden Retrievers could be the definition of "family dog" These dogs are great for beginners and experienced. Yes, they shed like their lives depend on it, but it's worth it for a loving companion who's good with kids and other pets. Intelligence and eagerness make training easy.

Golden Retriever

Greyhounds are good for calmer families. When at home, these tall, lanky canines are comfortable to snooze in the midst of turmoil. Greyhounds enjoy playing, but less than Goldens or Labs.


Bulldogs are also good first-time dogs. These dogs love playing with toddlers and adults. Bulldogs prefer low-key play over high-energy outings, but they still need exercise. Beware their short noses in hot climates. Overheating is common.


Collies are beautiful, athletic animals that love attention. Barking makes them good watchdogs. A bored dog may bark excessively. They're smart and follow directions. Collies' long, thick double coats need brushing, but not much else.


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