Poodles excel at dog shows for a reason. Versatility, intellect, and fun make them good pack leaders and followers. They're social with people and animals of all ages and species at home. Trim their hypoallergenic fur and use firm orders often, and you've got a well-trained family dog.


German shepherds are protectors. These smart, loyal dogs love working. They've worked in law enforcement, guide and help, and search and rescue for decades, and they're dedicated. Training in a park or large yard is great for German shepherds' mental and physical health.

German Shepherd

Small breeds don't like "training." Papillon! These pups, named for their enormous, pointy ears, think they're giant canines in small bodies. Papillons are quick to learn and play, and they love exercise. This breed responds well to constant, positive early training. Cute, right?


Cardigan There is a significant difference between Welsh corgis and their obstinate, small canine relatives. The tails on cardigans tend to get longer as one gets taller. Cattle-herding instincts remain, making these dogs smart and independent. Cardigan It may come as a surprise, but Welsh corgis are remarkably nimble.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

This all-American, family-friendly canine learns quickly, despite being dim. Golden retrievers are easy to train since they want to please you. They're patient and adaptable, making training and creating positive habits easy. Goldens make friends easily, even with strangers, therefore they're not good security dogs.

Golden Retriever

These calm, independent, devoted canines consider the whole family worthy of protection. Reward-based and mixed training work best. Once you've taught "sit" and "stay," attempt different tricks to keep the collie's mind and energy in check. Since they bark a lot, start training there.


Labrador retrievers, like German shepherds, have worked in many fields. Because they're so sociable, they make poor watchdogs. Like all the breeds on this list, they're easy to teach and can learn many talents and tricks.

Labrador Retriever

The Shetland sheepdog is a comedian. These dogs adore learning new tricks and showing them off. Shelties were developed to herd sheep, so they're smart. This means great obedience, tracking, and territoriality, which could be beneficial for a canine security system.

Shetland Sheepdog

Doberman pinschers are ferocious guard dogs, but they're loyal to their owners. They're trainable, intelligent, and intuitive. Otherwise, Dobermans are surprisingly affectionate. Consistent, early training is best.

Doberman Pinscher

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